Behind Lepsiful is me, PVB, Petra Volk Božič, a mom, a wife, a designer – an artist with a heart and soul and now an entrepreneur as well, a positive thinker, a creative dreamer, addicted to scarves and a person who loves life.

I am enthusiastic about aesthetics, arts, architecture, fashion, cultures, photography, dancing, travel, nature and life itself. I love giving and receiving hugs. I pay attention to detail and I really enjoy whenever I get the chance to explore the world and connect with people. 

It has always been my dream to build my own brand that would combine my true passion for illustration and design, my love of fashion and my professional background as a graduated economist in the field of marketing.

At Lepsiful I explore the world and incorporate its fantastic and breathtaking beauty to unique designs and patterns which are also infused with my own spark, fantasy, imagination, creativity and dreams.

I find inspiration everywhere. It can be just a little rain drop, a dance move, the colors in the nature, the beauty of animals, the sun playing tricks with the landscape or creating naughty reflections, a composition of the trees, an ornamented old building, an eclectic fashion show, musical rhythms, children playing in the park, geometry in all its forms… If I recap all of this, I can just express it in a simple sentence: “Find beauty in simple things”.

I am driven by passion and always tend to follow the “Do what you love, love what you do” motto.

Through Lepsiful I would like to share my principle, “Be beautiful on the inside and on the outside” which is reflected in the brand name and based on an idea that Lepsiful scarves are worn and presented by Beautiful people. Beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

I invite you to join Lepsiful on this creative yet challenging journey. Follow Lepsiful via website and social media; Facebook, Instagram.

The founder and the designer

                                                      Foto by Jure Chuk (@advisemystyle)

Petra Volk Božič