Hand drawn and illustrated with love by PVB (Slovenia); digitally printed (Italy).

• 100% Cotton Voile: a soft, breathable, sheer-matte lightweight fabric with a wonderful drape
• 100% Silk Satin: high-end, luxurious, chic, softly muted crepe fabric on one side and shimmery satin on the other, flow beautifully with a luxurious heavy drape.

The cotton voile is a perfect and indispensable item as a resort-holiday-beach wear, which can also protect you from the sun and / or keep you warm.
The silk fabric endows this scarf with the shining colors and gives it a great breathability; it can be worn all year round since silk is well known as an all-climate fabric. You will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

• Oversized Scarf app. 200 X 100 cm / 78.7 X 39.3 in
• Long Scarf 200 X 36 cm / 78.7 X 14.1 in
• Square Scarf app. 53 X 53 cm / 20.8 X 20.8 in
• Pocket Square Scarf 30 X 30 cm / 11.8 X 18.1 in
• Maxi Sarong Scarf app. 140 X 140 cm / 55.1 X 55.1 in

The model in the photo is 171 cm / 67.3 in. Due to the scarf shape - these scarves are versatile and give you a whole bunch of options on how to wear or knot a scarf and also to combine by mix and matching Lepsiful scarves and make a unique outfit.

Digital printed beautiful color palette and design, where you can see every stroke and hues.
Please note that printed colors might slightly differentiate from the photo on your screen due to inks and monitor variations.
• 100% Cotton Voile: scarf print is on one side with the opposite side being just a little paler.
• 100% Silk Satin: scarf print is on one side with the opposite side being just a little paler.

This scarf looks different every time, depending on how you tie it. By folding differently, you can reveal other parts of the design and colors to create a variety of looks with just one fashionable scarf.

Hand-rolled edges (Silk Satin) and machine-rolled baby edges (Cotton Voile).

They are made of 100 % natural material and are ready to wear. An etiquette with care instruction is applied to each scarf. Should you wish to wash your scarf, follow the Lepsiful instructions.  It is recommended that you dry-clean your Lepsiful scarves; cotton and silk scarves, however, can also be gently hand-washed with only cold water. Immerse the scarf in water and gently rinse. Do not rub or soak. Lay flat to dry in shade.
Fair trade principles are met in respect of people and nature.

The quality is provided in all production stages of the Lepsiful scarves. It is applied in a unique hand drawn motif and proceeds to the selection of the highest quality materials in order to emphasize the color and design and to give a sense of pleasure to the touch. Italian top quality digital printing and finishing make your Lepsiful scarf a life-time product.